Sunday, August 31, 2008

6 Week Walking Program - Week 2

August 27 - 20 min easy walk
August 28 - 15 min moderately easy walk
August 29 - 20 min easy walk
August 30 - 20 min moderately easy walk
August 31 - Off
September 1 - Off
September 2 - Off

A full Week

Alrighty! I haven't posted for about a week. So, I'm going to start with last weekend.

Last Sunday:
Grandma took AJ over night and they had a ton of fun. Daddy and I had a lot of fun too. We went to the bar and played some pool, and we both got very very drunk, but me probably more than Aaron. Lets see, I started out with a Tequila Sunrise, which was ok. I had the choice between that or a Long Island Ice Tea, but that one was gross, so Aaron drank it. Then the bartender made me something that looked like the Tequila Sunrise, but it was made with Vodka. After some searching online I believe it was a Vodka Sunrise. Anyway, I had a couple of those. I also had a Red Headed Slut, and tried an apple flavored shot, but I do not remember what it was called. I didn't like it though. Oh boy was I smashed.
Acouple days before one of the drivers at Aaron's work had gotten a tip from the porn shop next to the bar that included 20% off of any purchase. So, of course since I was good and drunk we went next door to use it. Aaron stayed at the front while I was taken around the store with the cashier lady just handing me stuff. I think we got like 3 toys and a video all for about $40. I have to say though, if I were not drunk I would not have gotten the toys she gave me. To me the toys that I got were boring. I also was too drunk to actually watch the video when I got home, and still have not watched it lol.
Anyway, after my trip into and around the porn store, we sat out from to wait for the taxi. We got home, and I threw up everything, which is a definite first for me.

Complete, horrible, nasty hangover. I swear when I woke up I was still drunk. I was dizzy and shakey, but I had to go pick up AJ. I brought AJ home, and sad to say... I turned on the tv and gave him a ton of toys and I layed down. Daddy, AJ, and I actually napped together most of the day.

This was a very busy day for me. Since I have been out of work for a couple of weeks, I literally have no money to my name. I decided to take a substituting job. It was a three day job, and Aaron works Wednesday and Friday mornings, so I had to get a babysitter. Normally, I won't be working on the days that Aaron works all day, but I'm in desperate need of income at this point. My cousin Shawn watched AJ for me. I substituted at a middle school for a business ed class that had no teacher yet. Since I wasn't prepared to not have to teach, I stuck to watch the previous substitute had been doing. I showed two 15 min movies on entry level careers. I gave them a quiz on both movies, and then had them write a short essay. My God, these kids should not be in the seventh grade. Amazingly, half these kids did not know how to spell True. As I was grading the papers, a lot put down yes or no or Ture and False. This is sad. I knew how to spell true in grade school.
This was also my first day of school. I got out of my job at 4:20 and drove all the way home to get AJ, which took 30 minutes. I took Aaron to work, and dropped AJ off at my mom's house, this took another 15 minutes. I still had to get some art supplies for my class, took 10 min. Then it took 30 min to get to school. My class started at 5:30. If you do the math, I was late for my first day of school.
Class went pretty well, a lot of people did not have their art supplies so we couldn't do the work. We did get to leave early. I went to pick AJ up from my mom's and then drove over to Heather's house. It was time to start our second week of Walk Your Butt Off, which I believe I'll have to post the second week's schedule even though it's already over. We also weighed, measured, and took pictures of ourselves. I'm so proud: I've lost two pounds, and some places have lost about 1/4 inch but we'll probably chalk that up to mismeasurement.

Went to work again. I taught each class how to make a monthly budget. Of course quite a few students let me know that they were not in math class and shouldn't have to do this. I rushed home so Aaron could get to work on time.
AJ and I went to Heather's and we Walked Our Butt Off.

Yet again, I went to work. Shawn watched AJ again. About two periods into the day, Heather called me and told me that she took Thomas to the doctor, and he has Impetigo. It's a contagious skin rash. I needed to get AJ checked out. It is not common over age 6, but Thomas is 6 and AJ isn't even a year, so it was better to be safe. I left work early, and drove AJ to the doctor. He does have a sore on his nose, but there was no way to tell if it was infected until it spread. So, he was prescribed an antibiotic ointment just in case.
I also tried to go to my school because me financial aid has not been configured and my it was my due date. Turns out they were not open as late as I thought they were, and needless to say... I was dropped from my classes, and now I need to wait until Tuesday to get it figured out.
I went to my mom's house to spend some time over there because I had borrowed her car and she needed it back. AJ was sitting next to Uncle Jonathan when he reached over and pulled the cheese out of Uncle Jonathan's fresh out of the oven pizza. AJ immediately started to scream. It took me a second before I realized what happened and then started pulling the cheese off of his hand, and I ran him to the sink to run cold water on it. AJ was screaming still and I was trying to calm him down. His hand was beet red. Jonathan was very upset, almost crying. I was then trying to comfort both him and the baby. I tried to call Aaron at work, but he didn't answer his phone, and when I called his work number they wouldn't let me talk to him. I was fuming... angry... I wanted to beat his face in.
I put AJ in the car and was on my way to the walk in clinic when I remember I didn't have his insurance card. My house was just down the street. I got to my house looked at AJ's hand, it wasn't red anymore, just pinkish. I went back to the walk in clinic, and found out they didn't take AJ's insurance but that there was an emergency pediatrician down the street that did. I put AJ back in the car, looked at his hand, and it wasn't pink anymore.. it was just baby colored skin. I felt his skin, it wasn't hot, and he wasn't upset when I touched it. So, I took him home, loved on him, fed him, played with him, gave him a bath, loved on him some more, and put my very tired boy to bed.

Yesterday... Had a fight with my mom.... I did two days worth of walking because friday was too stressful and busy to walk.
I made homemade fishstick and corn on the cob... mmmm it was yummy.
My brother spent the night, and was very helpful. One of Aaron's coworkers offered to close the store for him, so Jonathan watched AJ (he was already asleep for the night) so Aaron and I could go play pool. I suck at pool, and I didn't drink, but it was still really fun. We played two games of pool and two games of this sack throwing video game thing. Aaron beat me at pool, and once at the sack game. I beat him the other time. I really enjoy spending time with Aaron. He's my love, and I am still amazed at how much you could love someone and still be in love with someone after living with them for over a year, expecially being pregnant for the first half of that.
I guess sometimes its hard to forget that your past experiences will not always be what it will be like in the future. I have to remember that Aaron is not at all like Kevin, and he will never be like Kevin, so I don't have to worry.

Well, that's it for today. I'm going to do some school work. I'm going to design some cards for my hopefully new crafting idea. I'm going to take care of my son, probably do an exercise video, and clean my house, WOOHOO!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Exercising Continues

I'm finished with week one's exercises, and now I have four days off from exercising. Today was my first day off, but I really still wanted to do something. So, I pulled out an exercise dvd and did it. I'm very proud of myself for continueing with the program.

Today I did:
Walk the Walk wih Leslie Sansone's 1 mile workout.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

6 Week Walking Program - Week 1

Here is what I'm doing this week. Maybe if I'm feeling good about myself after the next six weeks, I'll post up my measurements. I know I won't see anything too soon, but we'll see. Heather's doing this program with me, and we are both keeping journals, including pictures... YUCK!!!

Week 1:

August 20 - 15 minutes of easy walking
August 21 - 15 minutes of moderately easy walking
August 22 - 20 minutes of easy walking
August 23 - Off
August 24 - Off
August 25 - Off
August 26 - Off

I'm going to do some workout videos for at least one of the days off, even though its not included in the workout routine. Just remember that even though it seems really easy, it starting at the beginning, getting you into walking and it will eventually work its way into running. I seriously believe this is perfect for me and anyone who wants to work out but finds themself way out of shape.


A few things for today:

AJ's room:
It's been put on hold. Aaron really doesn't want me to paint it. He wants to redo the walls altogether. I'm still a little iffy on that because I'm afraid it won't work out. I'll give him another month or two before I just start to paint while he's at work and when my mom can take AJ so he doesn't have to sleep in a paint filled house.

We've started to have problems with mice. Yuck, and I'm a screamer. I had my brother and his friends look for this mouse and at one point I think that they didn't believe that I actually saw this mouse run all over my living room, luckily while AJ was sleeping. So, after one of AJ's bottle nipples had a hole chewed in it, I went to the store to look for some mouse friendly traps, but didn't have luck in find any. I ended up finding a mouse trap that functions like the old style mouse traps, except, that it is shaped that one of those claw hair clips.
I put them out last night with some peanut butter smeared on the top like it said. Went to bed hoping it would work. It did work. The poor mouse was caught in the trap but still alive I felt so bad. Walking by the other mouse trap I saw that it had triggered that one as well. I called my brother to have him come take care of the mouse. He got here, I showed him where it was. He didn't understand how to open it up to let the mouse out, so I went to get the other one to show him. I picked it up to find....
another mouse, dead this time. I dropped it and screamed. Bryan took the mice to the front of our park and let them out. He said the alive one would probably die anyway because his skull was crushed. So... as much as I really don't want to. I'm going to have to put the traps up again tonight. If I keep catching mice I'm going to call pest control cause this is disgusting.

I'm finally going to start getting back into shape. I'm not that far from my pre-pregnancy weight. 5 pounds, sometimes 3. I have never really liked my body, but I was started to become ok with it. I was trying to do little things here or there to make it better, like not drinking real soda, just diet. I'll be honest, I was having a hard time sticking to it because diet soda was not always available while regular was. I was just under the mindset, oh well I'll try again tomorrow.
Then, someone asked me the dreaded question.... Are you pregnant, AGAIN? Of course I was upset, I tried not to look like it, but I just patted my belly and said, "Nope, just FAT". I even had someone a couple of days later tell me I looked wonderful, they didn't even recognize me. It didn't help, my feelings were still hurt.
So, I've started to exercise. Now, I've learned from myself. If I just jump into some hardcore exercise I won't stick with it. I found this 6 week program, and yes, it is free, on If you are like me and haven't exercised and are completely out of shape, you start with the walking program. It's six weeks of walking, followed by six weeks of walking and running, and then followed by six weeks of running. Obviously, I'm doing the walking program. I'll put up another post with myy first weeks schedule. I'm going to try to eat a little healthier, but I might just have to put that off until I have more money to really go grocery shopping.
In other news, my financial aid sucks. It hasn't been done, and I'm afraid it won't be done before school starts. My school needs to get on the ball about this stuff.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

There is sooo much to do around this god forsaken house. It's falling apart, completely cluttered, and very ugly. So, NOW is the time that I am going to start to put this house back into order, put it back together, and make it beautiful.

The first room that I am going to do is AJ's. He is in desperate need of a little boy room. Right now it's just... blah. He's got his crib, stuffed animals, a clothing organizer, and nothing else that really is his own in there. The rest of the stuff is just stuff that takes up space: a piano, boxes of his old clothes, stuffed animals (hehehe), and odds and ends.
My goal for tomorrow is to clean up the room. I want to run a wet rag over the walls, and pull out the numerous nails in the walls. For some reason, and I am not sure I will ever figure this out, there are a ton of nails in the walls. It doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason, some are really close together, some are really far apart, and they are like zig zagged all over the place. I'm also going to plug up the nail holes.
I think then for next week, hopefully I can get Aaron to move the piano out of the room. Then I'm going to prime the walls. Since we can't really affort to get rid of the horrendous panneling, I've learned from my step-mother that it can be painted over, but you have to get the right kind of primer first. I do know that this method works, because she did it in her new house, and her walls look wonderful.
After that I'm going to paint the walls. I'm leaning toward a darker shade of blue. The theme that I'm going to go with his based on his favorite movie, Cars. I don't want to paint his room red because if I change his theme later and don't feel like painting I don't want him stuck with red. Plus, most of the decor has a lot of red in it. I don't want the room overwhelmed with red.
So, obviously, the next step after painting is decorating, which might take some time. I have to save and buy pieces bit by bit because if I bought everything out right it would be soo expensive and I couldn't afford that right now.
I also want to put down those big rubber puzzle pieces for flooring. I'm a little on the fence about it though. I don't like the carpet we have. It's gross, the people who lived here before us were gross. So, if I put down the rubber puzzle pieces, the floor would be more baby comfortable to crawl around on, not so dirty. BUT... I would have to wash those puzzle pieces a lot because we would be walking on them. I think it would be hard to keep them clean, and if I wasn't careful the water would drip in the cracks and form yucky stuff. It's something I'll have to keep thinking about.

Anyway, I told Heather that I would also help her redo Thomas' room. I'm not too sure she'll actually go through with it though. We talked about it today. The plan so far is to do a Spongebob Theme. She already has some things up that go with that theme. I actually wish that I was better at drawing and such. I love planning little kids bedrooms. It's something I get excited about, and I have a ton of really good ideas.
I actually got into this when I was dating my first long term boyfriend. His parents were getting ready to become foster parents, and they had a ton of rooms in their house. So, I started to help her with getting the rooms ready. I helped turn an ordinary room into the most beautiful room a little girl could hope for. It was awesome. The top half of the wall had light and dark yellow stripes, and a green canopy like design. The bottom half was peach, with dark peach waves. The middle that seperated the two had light and dark pink checkerboard. We made an ant trail all around the room. She decorated with glass birdhouse that looked like hats. We also sponged on different shapes: ladybugs, flowers, little girls. It was gorgeous when it was done.
I hope my next child is a little girl. I would love to decorate a little girls room again. For now, though, I'm decorating my little boys room. AND, instead of being beautiful and gorgeous.. it's going to be awesome. All the other little baby boys are going to be jealous... that is if he knew any other ones around here... but still my point was made.