Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

It's time again for the random picture challenge over at

Nov. 2007 Picture 44

That was my babyshower, and the toy that I'm holding up shakes when you pull it apart. In the picture the toy was shaking. I believe I was about 7 months pregnant, and shortly after that day I went into preterm labor and was put on bedrest.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Picture (late)

I stumbled across a photo game at

Its just a random picture. Its suppose to be from August 2007, the 30th picture. Well, I don't have an August 2007 album... I don't think I took many pictures then anyway, so I went and found a picture from August 2007. It's obviously AJ's ultrasound picture, and that was when we found out that he was indeed a boy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's up?

Not a lot happening here. Trying to keep up with school work, and wishing that it were possible to finally get ahead, but it's not happening until my mod class drops off because of the amount of school work it takes.

AJ has a dentist appointment tomorrow to look at his front tooth. The pediatrician thinks that it's chipped, and he wants a dentist to look at it. I'm very nervous for him tomorrow, partly because I hate the dentist and I don't want them to tell me that my 12 month has a cavity because of that darn chipped tooth. Also, because they aren't going to let me go with him. They are going to take him from me and make me wait for him in the waiting room. We'll see how successful they are in keeping me away. I don't think that I'm going to be able to handle it. I also know that he hates anyone looking at his teeth, and he's going to scream and flail, and I'm afraid how they are going to react to him.

AJ's birthday party is this weekend too. So the rest of the week will be busy trying to get everything ready. I went to this awesome photography studio this weekend and had AJ's 1 year pictures done. They were really good with him, the pictures are awesome, and you get your pictures that day. It's called portrait innovations. We're going to go there next month to get some family pictures done.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I had a rough day today.

My mother called me this morning to let me know that my grandfather's cancer is back and it has spread. He starts treatment on Tuesday.

AJ and I went to visit my grandparents this evening. I haven't given them very many opportunities to see him, not purposely though. I made them dinner, which they said many times they enjoyed. We talked for acouple of hours, and they played with AJ. I got some pictures of each of them with AJ, and some of three together. I wanted to make sure that I got some pictures before my grandfather starts to look sick from the treatment. I can't take the chance of waiting it out... I've promised myself that I'm going to try to get over there at least once a week with AJ.

AJ also went to the doctor today for his 1 year check up. The doctor says he looks wonderful, and he's developing ahead of schedule! He is 30 inches long, and weighs 21 pounds and 4 ounces. He's in the 50th percentile for his length, and 10-25 percentile for his weight.
The doctor suggested that I take him to the dentist. His tooth looks like it was chipped, and the doctor can seal it so it doesn't get a cavity. He also got his first shot today, DTaP. He was a champ! He didn't cry during the shot, but cried after they put the bandaid on.
Right now he's having a bit of an issue. I'm not sure if it is from the shot or because he's getting his daddy's cold. His temperature is slowly rising. about 30 mins ago it was 102.4. So, I gave him some tylenol, and I'm waiting 30 more min to take his temp again. He's been really clingy and sleepy today. He's spaced out quite abit, and he's unable to sleep. So, I'm in for a long night, expecially if his temp does go down. I walked into his room to check on his temp, and he was just laying there looking at the ceiling, boy was that freaky.

Anyway, I'm going to go spend some time on my school work. Hopefully, the time will fly right by, and when I take AJ's temp it'll be a lot lower.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where is my time machine?

Tonight has been very exciting indeed! But not in a good way.

My little brother was brought home by the police. Apparently he was with a kid he knew he wasn't allowed to be with, and they decided to visit a house that was abandoned right down the street. While visiting that house, they decided to go into the back yard, and then actually into the house. The house was trashed, and they saw some things that they wanted to take. At that point a neighbor had called the police, and the police showed up.
We don't know yet if he has to go to court. The police are going to file the report, and we'll be contacted once they decide if they are going to take him to court or not. The police said he could be charged with a felony. My 13 year old brother charged with a felony?!?! It's hard to take in.
What he did was wrong, he knows that now. The problem is... he didn't know it while he was doing it. I'm not going to make excuses for him, but I do know that he has truely learned his lesson, and I hope that if he has to go to court the judge he gets will give him a break.
After we got the call from the police, I was extremely angy. It seemed to take forever for the police to get to the house. I stood there watching the police questioning him, and how he was having issues answering their questions. He explained truthfully what happened, but then they started asking him about right and wrong and thats when he had difficulty.
From that point until now the feeling that I have is helplessness. There is nothing that I can do to fix whats happened and is going to happen to him. After the police left, I watched my brother get screamed at by my mother, and making sure nothing got physical. I watched him cry hysterically as my mom slammed his door and went to cry in her room.
I went in to talk to him but then I started crying. I let him know how disappointed I was, and I brought up the fact that his nephew is suppose to look up to him, and how can he do that if he's not doing something worth looking up to. At that point, I found out how really and truely sorry he was about what he did. We talked about things like going to court, and honesty, and remorse. He wrote a letter to my mom. Begging her not to hate him, and that he will try to never get in trouble again in his life.

Haven't you ever wished you could turn back time just to make things right again?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boy Oh Boy

Oh man do I have a lot of school work to do! It is absolutely crazy! lol.

This semester I am taking:
Business Law 2
Adv Legal Environment of Business
Art History
Abnormal Psychology

The first two courses I'm taking because of the degree that I am stuck in for this semester. I tried to get back into the Elementary Education degree, but I have to take a test before they will admit me into, and there wasn't any time.
I'm taking Art History because I hope that once I move over to USF, that I can double major in Art and Education.
I'm taking Abnormal Psychology because I already took it once, and I gave up and got a bad grade. So, I'm going to follow through with it now, and get a good grade so I can wipe that bad grade right off of my transcript.

So, as you might be able to guess, my days, nights, and mornings this week are going to be full of reading and assignments. As well as squeezing in a work day.

Onto other news though. I hadn't put it this very big piece of news because I wanted a post just about AJ's birthday. So... .... ..... it will be a week tomorrow night, since AJ started walking! Yes, he started walking 4 days before his 1st birthday. I'm so proud of him, and I love to see him take those funny wobbly little steps. He still prefers to crawl, and won't walk unless someone makes him. He also hasn't been feeling well. He's been sick since Saturday. I took him to the doctor yesterday, and even though he is sick they think he's well enough to kick it on his own. He goes back to the doctor on Friday to have his one year old check up, and if he's not sick his first shot. I'm so nervous for him, the poor baby.

Anyway, I've chatted enough, I have an assignment due tonight that I need to continue working on!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

AJ is 1!

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy!

At this moment in time last year, I was trying to sleep knowing that in just acouple of hours I was going to get up and head to the hospital to be induced. I was so nervous that they weren't going to go through with it.

You've taught me so much this year, and all I can say is that I love you so much. I can't wait for many more of your birthdays to come. To see you grow and learn.

Sweet Dreams my precious boy, I love you.

Monday, January 5, 2009

La La La

I've been busy planning AJ's first birthday party. It's going to be held a couple of weeks from now because Aaron and I have a lot to get sorted financially first. It should all be ok before the party though.

Aaron starts a new job tomorrow. Yes, you did read that right. He's working somewhere else. I'm happy he got a job so quickly. But sadly, my online journal is not a place that I'm going to put up the details of his job because I don't want those details getting around to people who don't need to know anything more about Aaron and his life.
We also went to court today. We now know what he has to do to put this whole thing in the past, and again I'm not putting up details here at this moment.

Anyway, back to AJ's party. We are going to hold it at a park near my mom's house, and there is a playground right next to the shelter. The only bad thing about it is that the woman who sets up all the park party stuff said that we could not officially reserve the shelter on a weekend day, but she would give us an unofficial reservation, and we need to get to the park early to tape off our area.
I also went to Laura's house today. I spent a little time with her, and AJ was able to play with her boys, although he doesn't really like the rough and tumble that goes on. While I was there I was able to print out some stuff for his invitations. I'm really happy with how they look so far! I just need to cut some stuff out, glue, and then mail.
Oh, something good about Aaron's new job is that it's a night job. So, now we don't have to do the babysitter shuffle deal. He's only working during the day tomorrow and every other weekend. That's one less worry now, and I'm really happy about it.
As for me, I'm heading back to work tomorrow. I'm teaching third grade tomorrow. Third graders are pretty good, I shouldn't have too hard of a day. It just depends on how bad the school is, but I'm thinking that I've been to this school before and I don't think I'll have a problem.
Anyway, I'm off to get some stuff done, and I still have to eat dinner...