Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekend Away

AJ got his third tooth yesterday! So, now he has his two front bottom teeth, and his front upper left tooth. My poor cranky baby has two more top teeth working their way through. I think they should pop through with in the next day or two.

AJ spent the weekend with grandma, and Aaron and I spent the weekend in Tampa. We went to Howloscream. It was fun. I'm a big scaredy cat so I was freaked out through most of the haunted houses. I think the first one freaked me out the most. It had strobe lights so I couldn't see at all, and that was way freaky. The other ones had very few strobe lights so I could still see, and ended up seeing people coming or jumping out from the corners. It makes me wonder how many of them get punched in the face :-) There was one that had body bag type things hanging from the ceiling, and I started thinking about this scary clown movie I saw when I was younger, I think it was called something like The Killer Clowns or something, I think they came from outerspace. My memory is a little fuzzy, but if I remember right they would kill humans and like wrap them in cotton candy or something, I'm thinking spiderwebs, but it was probably cotton candy. Anyway, anytime one of the body bags touched me I screamed, lol. It was fun. By the way, everyone knows I love rollercoasters, they are even better at night!
We stayed in a hotel in tampa, and it had a two person jacuzzi in the room. It was soo nice, it took a long time to fill up though. The price wasn't bad at all, and it had a king size very comfy bed. I hate that you have to check out of hotels so eary. 11 isn't early on a weekday, but on a weekend without the monster... I want to sleep in way late. Plus, we were up really late the night before. I think I finally went to bed about three.
We were going to go to Adventure Island the next day because it was the last day it was open this year, but I Aunt Flo came that morning and so did the cool front. We ended up going to clearwater beach and eat lunch at a restaurant there. I got all you can eat crab, yum! Then we came home and took a nap before I had to go get AJ.
AJ had fun with grandma. He ate, he slept, he played, all the stuff babies do. My mom loves taking AJ, which is really good because then I don't feel as guilty when I want to get out for a date.
Anyway, I talked to my friend Laura today about her three year old son. She just found out he has some hearing loss, because doctors are stupid and don't listen when Mommy knows something isn't right. She's got a lot of doctors appointments coming for him, and he's going to have to have surgery they just need to figure out what exactly needs to be operated on. I got the impression that it's probably going to be putting tubes in his ears, but it might have to be surgery on something else. I'm really hoping all goes well. I asked if he might get his hearing back after the surgery, but I'm not sure what her answer was. I think we started talking about the different surgeries. Oh, well keep her and her little one in your thoughts.
Okie Dokie, it is late. I gotsta go. Night.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I got my last filling today, yay! My jaw is very sore from the novicaine injection, to the point where it was hard to open my mouth to eat dinner. Slowly, the pain is going away which is good. I have a job to go to tomorrow, and I'm happy about it. I also have tons of stuff that I MUST get done tomorrow. I need to clean my car out, I need to get all of AJ's stuff ready for a weekend with grandma, I need to get Aaron's and my things together for a weekend away, and I need to finish my school work. Saturday it might rain, and that sucks, but it doesn't mean we can't go anyway.
So, off to bed with me!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's been acouple of days since my last post. We've been up to a lot. A lot of things needed to happen, and changes need to be made, and we're still working on some of them.

I've been working a lot more, and I have mixed feelings about it. I like my job. It has it's challenges, like kindergarteners, and it has its rewards, like little kids running up to you after school saying they had so much fun in your class. It gets me out of the house, and I get to substitute for some of the subjects that I love, like music and art. I actually got my first request to substitute. A teacher requested that I substitute for their class! I think I actually blogged about this class, but I'm not sure. It's for Friday, and for a school with emotional challenged students. It's a music class, and I really did enjoy spending time with those students. They were all very interesting, and had a lot of curiousity about the different musical instruments. The downfall to for me, is that working so much and trying to get school work done takes me away from AJ, and from Aaron. I'm dealing with it though, and I'm sure soon I'll be able to stay at home with AJ again.

On to AJ, he's crawling forward, standing up with the assistance of furniture, walking with parental assistance, he has another tooth, and two more working their way through. He is starting to have issues with his night time sleeping. He wakes up screaming and crying a couple hours in, and take a little bit to calm down. The other night I noticed he had a diaper rash, and I think once it is completely gone he'll sleep much easier.

Monday, Laura took some pictures of AJ and some of AJ and I together. We are working on scheduling a time where we can get some full family pictures. She's an amazing photographer:

There are more picture on my myspace, and all of the pictures are on winkflash.
The rest of my week is jam packed full of fun! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, I have that job on Friday, AJ's Kindermusik class on Saturday morning, and Aaron and I are going away for the weekend. That means I have A LOT of school work to get done before then.
Some serious stuff with me: I'm having anixiety/panic attacks/nervous breakdowns what ever you want to call it quite often. I talked to Mrs. Kelley about it, and she thinks that I need to get in with a doctor to see if I'm having some hormonal imbalances that could be causing me to have them more than usual. Hopefully they'll go away before I have to call the doctor.
I'm off to do some school work now. Have a good night!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Where does time go when it's run away from you?

I had someone ask me to meet them sometime this week between I think it was 2 - 5 and I normally would have been able to do it. I'm not thinking it's going to happen this week. We'll see about next week. All my time is now going to working whenever I can, going to school full time, and appointment after appointment after appointment.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, I have to go to WIC, I have to babysit Laura's kids, Friday AJ has a doctor's appointment, and I'm sure that tomorrow I'm going to have to make yet another appointment for dental work. We also have to fit going clothes shopping for Aaron and visiting my Papa into the mix. I'm probably going to call AJ's doctor to reschedule for next Thursday anyway. Thursdays I'm not going to be working because I babysit, but Fridays I can work as long as I don't schedule an appointment.

I substituted for two teachers this week. The first was a music class for emotionally disturbed students. I've never had such an easy day of work my whole life. Each class, except for one, had no more than two kids in it, and the teacher said to let them to what they want to do. Usually one played on the computer while the other one played an instrument. I was even able to go around the class room with them and help them try out different instruments. The little classes were all highschool students, the bigger class of no more than 10 kids was an elementary school class which watched a movie, which reminds me that I wanted to add a movie to my myspace page. The other class this week was two days of art classes for one teacher. She's an itinerant teacher, which just means that she goes from school to school teaching art classes when the school is too big for just one art teacher. Most of my classes were Kindergarten and 1st grade classes. Today the majority of my day was with "special" students. They tend to be the students with autism and other disabilities that require a very small classroom, and lots of teacher time. I do like to teach these classes. The students tend to be very sweet, and very willing to listen and try. Depending on their disability some are extreme perfectionists, and I've been through some tantrums but overall it isn't as hard as I would have thought.

So thats really what I've been up to. I need to measure and weigh myself tonight, and I need to work on some school work.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


AJ's first tooth has broken through! It is not out of the gum or even showing really. You can see the very tip of it if you look closely and you can feel the tip of a very sharp little tooth. If you're facing him it's the bottom right. I'm so excited! I can't wait for it to come out all the way. What a big week for my little man.

Perdy Perdy

I got my new bras in the mail!!! They are awesome! Nice fit, nice support, and very pretty.

Obviously, that is not me lol. I also got a black one. I believed I paid like $60 bucks for both at Lane Bryant, while I just paid $90 for one bra at a specialty store. My only complaint... I had to wait to get it in the mail because they don't care my size in stores. But it was soo worth the wait.

Aaron is in love with my new bras too!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I've known for awhile now that Aaron and I are going to get married. Not in the way where I knew and he just hadn't asked. Aaron doesn't have to ask, we both know this, and for awhile we have been discussing it.
I've kept it quiet because I'm still not giving out details about it. Just now, most of the details are are agreed upon and set. I will say, it will most likely be sometime in March.
No, I don't have an engagement ring, and I won't be getting one. This is something that I've known for awhile too. Aaron doesn't believe in engagement rings, but not to worry we'll have a wedding bands.
As for no details, what is the fun of sending out announcements when everyone already knows all the details. Also, many people are not going to happy with our plans.
Enough said about that....

I wonder if I can become supermodel skinny in 5 months......

Thursday, October 2, 2008


One week and and two days before my baby turns 9 months and he's crawling backwards. It's quite funny because he was trying to get daddy's shoes which were in front of him, but he was moving backward, and he didn't seem too happy about it, lol. Maybe he'll crawl the other way soon.

Edit to add: AJ can now sit up by himself. Before I had to put him into the sitting position. Tonight, he woke up crying and Aaron and I went in to see him. He was sitting up crying. We both laughed at him, just because it was so wierd to see him sitting up in his crib.

What else is my son going to do tonight?!?!

The World Keeps Turning Upside Down

Every time I think that I've gotten my feet set, and I'm starting to head in the right direction to getting my life to where I want it to be... the world decides to turn upside down on me.

It really started with leaving Kevin. I was *mostly* financially stable with Kevin. It doesn't really mean that I knew I was going to always have money, but I knew when we were going to have rough patches, and when we were going to be fine. I knew when we spent the bulk of our money, and when we were going to scrounge for pennies. Then I left Kevin. I left the majority of my stuff, because it wasn't worth fighting with him to get it back. I also left my money in our bank account. I started fresh. I was working, and I was getting a little bit of money, I was staying at a friends house where I didn't have to pay any bills until I got back on my feet.

I met Aaron, and I moved in with my mom, and I was slowly getting back up on my feet. Before I could even get a foothold with one foot, I found out I was pregnant. That put a big dent in our already not so good financial situation, seeing as Aaron had just bought his home, and I didn't really have a job. Being a substitute I don't have work, and I was helping a friend with her kid but getting next to nothing moneywise.

We started to do a little better with money and bills around the end of my pregnancy, but oops, lets just turn the world over again and put her big pregnant ass on bedrest, with no hopes of any money at all.

So, after I had AJ, and struggling through the summer, and beginning of school. I recieved my financial aid. Aaron had regular hours at work, our bills were caught up. TURN THE FUCKING WORLD ALL THE WAY AROUND!!!!!

Today, Aaron is fired. Our sole income is gone, without notice. And Heather knew and didn't even call me to tell me. I was shopping and having a good time, and Aaron calls to tell me. I left the cart where it was because now I can't afford to buy what I was buying. Actually, I was buying some Christmas gifts for family and clothes for AJ. Now, I can't afford it. We are going to go back to going weeks without being able to food shop, to the point where I was going to my mom's house to take food from her freezer. For God's sake, Laura if you are reading this I'm sorry, but I even stole diapers from her so I could go one more day without having to buy diapers, because money might just magically appear the next day.