Monday, February 22, 2010

Relationship Advice

The title of my post makes me laugh, lol. I am in no way an expert on relationships, and I don't have the perfect relationship... but honestly, if you think you have a perfect relationship yourself, I say look harder, no relationship is perfect.

Actually, I just wanted to post about my husband and how sometimes he surprises me. Those surprise can be so heartwarming for me, and I don't think he realizes it or than any other guy could do something so simple and please their woman just as much as surprising them with flowers or something else like that.

There definitely is a huge stress put on the men to make a relationship romantic and smooshy for their women. AND, when going into a relationship where it is easy to be romanced and loved on... it can be quite disappointing when further down the line the romance doesn't last at the level it was at previously.

Honestly though, showing a woman that you love them doesn't have to be expensive and take a lot of time to plan. I was visiting my husband at work, and we were joking around. My husband's last comment pushed me to tell him that I didn't like him anymore. He responded by saying, "Well, I don't love you any less." First, for less than half a second, my mind registered the complete opposite of what he said and I was going to be angry with him, but when it actually sunk it what he really had said, I left smiling and giggling. His comment has left me feeling loved and happy all evening.

So, all I'm saying is something as simple as saying something surprising can be just as powerful as traditional ways of saying I love you.